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Hebrew Israelite groups gather and proselytize in metropolitan areas. Former St. Louis rapper Chingy, who achieved stardom with the hit song Right Thurr,” later abandoned mainstream hip hop, adopted the Hebrew Israelite faith and recorded the track King Judah” dedicating his music career to spreading the Hebrew Israelite message.

Tracing the Exodus motif in early African American Christianity reveals that the claims of Black Hebrews originate from a shift from symbolic to literal identification with the biblical Hebrews. My main goal in this piece was to give the reader the basics about the Hebrew Israelites.

The true Semites are the Black Hebrews, Indians, Hispanics and many Arabs that carry the Abrahamic blood lineage in their veins but many, if not most, have turned to the worship of Islam thus forgetting their identity and their heritage. Whatever colour Jesus was, he would have blended in ok in Egypt, as the largest Jewish population centre in the World at that time was not in Jerusalem, but in Alexandria.

However, they fail to differentiate between the true, original Amorites, mentioned in Genesis 10, and the other "Westerners" who lived in Palestine and were also called "Amorite" by the Gentile nations. Edomites, Israelites and Arabs are all Hebrews. Common images include politicians with devil horns, white Jesus” portrayals, images of slavery (men with scarred backs, slave ship diagrams, etc.) and the all-important 12 Tribes of Israel genealogy chart.

They were not true Israelites. Before we can trace the people of Israel from the land of their captivity to their present-day homelands, we need to answer this question - "Just what were the ancient Palestinian Israelites like?" Were they Nordics? Whether it is because of IUIC YouTube clips or prominent rappers' public embrace it seems that Hebrew Israelite beliefs are experiencing a renaissance within a cross section of African Americans.

The Israelites had mastered these skills to perfection because of the violent bondage and strict religion-based building codes of the Egyptians. They were deported in to Samaria by Shalmaneser, king of Assyria in the place of the Israelites half tribe of Manasseh, to re people the city of Samaria.

Thus the name "Abraham" means of a "father of a multitude" (Genesis 12:1-5), "Isaac" means "laughter" (Genesis 21:1-6), "Jacob" means "heel catcher," i.e., "supplanter, or "deceiver" (Genesis 27:36), "Israel" means "overcomer with God" or "prevailer with God" (Genesis 32:28), and "Satan" means "adversary." These are just a few of many thousands of Hebrew words - all of which had a definite meaning.

The archaeological record is missing any evidence of a large migration from Egypt to Canaan (said the Bible to include 600,000 men of fighting age or at least two million people in all), while even relatively small bands of migrants usually leave some evidence of their travels.

Now nothing more is known of him, but his surname "Niger" was common in the Roman world, as the People's New Testament says, "As Niger means 'black,' some have fancied that he was an African, but Niger was as common a Roman surname as Black is now." (emphasis added).

Gentiles who converted to the Hebrew religion in this way and sojourned among the tribes of Israel were grafted into the people of God and given full status as true Israelites. After spending a two-and-one-half year period in Liberia, The African Hebrew End of days Israelites were prepared to make the last portion of their journey home, returning to Israel in 1969.

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